Portfolio > Number 4 Bad Luck 1/10 through 10/10

This series was made soon after my return from a trip to Beijing, China. "Number 4 Bad Luck" is a series of ten digital inkjet prints, each is accompanied by a one of a kind porcelain or "china" sculpture as pictured in the photograph itself. The sculptures are paired to the prints and both are named as they are numbered 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 etc. Except for the number 4 sculpture which was destroyed by the artist and replaced by a certificate of authorship made by the artist after the still life was taken. In China the number four is bad luck and is removed from the public eye. This series is a play on the "Erased De Kooning", art as commodity, and the role of desire in present day culture.

Each Porcelain sculpture has a hidden side that faces away from the camera and is left blank, a discovery that can only be made in person while viewing the object from all sides.

One of 10 identical life sized prints that accompany a one of a kind porcelain sculpture.
Number 4 Bad Luck
Archival Inkjet print